Napalm Death headliner Headbanging Enschede!

Headlining for Headbanging Enschede 2012 is Napalm Death!

30 years of grindcore ultra-violence, 27 years of being one of the hardest working, hardest touring bands on this miserable planet, NAPALM DEATH’s conviction, energy and belief in spontaneoust, outspoken yet extreme music is far from being watered down. “Time Waits For No Slave”, the band’s 13th studio album (excluding the cover album “Leaders Not Followers Pt.2”) marks no exception – as long as this is a world gone wrong, NAPALM DEATH will be utilizing their artistic arsenal to attack those in charge, no matter if their fanaticism stems from a political, religious or simply greedy motivation.

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After two decades of underground survival and a stubborn interlaced despise towards insincerity and musical trends, The Blackened Flame within NECROPHOBIC’s realm is burning more intense than ever. Driven by hatred and forever swept with an absence of compromising nor understanding any commercial turnaround, the cult-act NECROPHOBIC have earned their righteous throne as one of the most true and respected acts in the extreme metal scene. Continuously carrying, yet now an even stronger flame. Not only due to some strengthening and necessary member changes in the stringsection, but also because of a new alliance with a booking agency, ​TMR Music Promotions​, and for the first time within NECROPHOBIC’s history, a reliable and serious record label. NECROPHOBIC have in September 2011 made an agreement with the French upcoming record label ​Season of Mist​. An unique label when it comes to sincere musical enthusiasm. Sprung from the endangered kind that still will sign a band because of their actual qualities rather than just being obsessively greedy for the glimmering Mammon. Successful it has proven and clothed with a pair of fresh demon wings unfolded, NECROPHOBIC alongside their new-won unholy alliance is finally armed for declaration of Total War. Destined apostles of Devils Subculture, now venomously recruited with two well-known characters and respected musicians, warrior brethren to the band since the dawning of the entire Death Metal genre: ​Robert Sennebäck​ – Guitar (Dismember 1988–1997, Unleashed 1989–1990) ​Fredrik Folkare​ – Guitar (Unleashed 1996– ) In the present, NECROPHOBIC is summoning and canalizing the fierced lesser keys of Salomon, collecting goetic disharmonies from the cold vast shadowlands. The long awaited blackened seventh masterpiece will hit this dying planet during the second half of 2012. The Giants have awoken to wander…

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The Rotted play old school D-Beat death metal. Dark nihilistic lyrics are spat out over a wall of heavy as hell and fast as fuck music, just like your mother used to disapprove of. The Rotted are the soundtrack for the end of days.

In early 2008 The Rotted rose from the ashes of two already dead UK bands. Vocalist Ben McCrow and guitarist Tim Carley, the two main men behind death grind legends Gorerotted were joined by bass player Reverend Trudgill and drummer Nate Gould, both previously of blackened murder metal loonies Screamin Daemon. The debut album Get Dead Or Die Trying (Metal Blade Records) hit stores in July of the same year. Produced by Russ Russell (Evile, Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir) and engineered by James Dunkley (Blaze Bailey, Crowbar) Get Dead… has received fantastic reviews across the metal press.

Two years of intense UK and European touring followed the album release with festival highlights including Wacken Open Air 2008, Summer Breeze 2008, Dynamo 2008, Elsrock 2008, Vlamrock 2008, Bloodstock 2009, Hammerfest 2009, Headbangers festival 2009 and Hellfire festival 2009.

In 2009 a video was shot for album track Nothin’ But A Nosebleed and has been a regular on Scuzz tv and others.

July 2010 saw The Rotted back in the studio with James Dunkley and the band releasing Anarchogram, a self funded, self released EP on their own label Anarchogram Industries. Anarchogram features 2 new songs and 4 bonus cover versions. Each member of The Rotted chose a track to cover that personally inspired them to play extreme metal.

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In the rot-infested bowels of a boarded-up bunker, five brave soldiers are steeling themselves for an over-the-top assault against the plague ripping through the metal masses. As the brain-dead hordes claw and scratch at their fortified safehouse, Gama Bomb have armed themselves with an arsenal of razor fine riffs and rapier wits as they prepare to take on the brain-sucking musical dead..
Shielding themselves away from the infestation some years back, they’ve sustained their will on the torch-bearing rations of yesteryear’s thrash titans, sharpening their skills and perfecting their blistering attack in hundreds of field-tests and soundlab simulations. Early victories against the metal malaise sent legions of thrashers to their side, bolstering the unit’s already sub- nuclear powers.
Gama Bomb launched themselves on an unsuspecting public in 2002, spewing out tales of zombies, booze and brains that saw them immediately build up a loyal following in their native Ireland and the UK. Over the next few years the band independently released two short EPs before releasing their full-length debut, ‘Survival Of The Fastest’, through European music label Witches Brew in early 2006.
In September 2007, Gama Bomb signed a record deal with Earache Records. Shortly after, the band featured on Earache’s ‘Thrashing Like A Maniac’ compilation with their song “Zombie Brew” and were also highlighted in NME’s Guide to New Thrash. The band have since completed a successful UK tour with Exodus, played with the likes of Tankard, At War, Sabbat and Onslaught, and already have a sold out show with Machine Head at the Dublin Ambassador under their bullet belts.
All eyes are now looking forward to June 9th 2008, when the second full-length album from the Irish thrashers, ‘Citizen Brain’, is unleashed on the world. Produced by the fast-rising producer Scott Atkins at his Grindstone Studios in deepest Suffolk, ‘Citizen Brain’ oozes with frantic thrashing riffs mixed with high-pitched classic metal vocals. With song themes ranging from video games and movies to zombies, futuristic prisons and serial killers with oversized weapons, and even touching on real-world issues such as global warming, ‘Citizen Brain’ is seeping with enough retro 80′s references to last a nuclear winter.
Mirroring Gama Bomb’s vision of what modern day thrash metal is really about, the album cover art by Jeff Zornow (Day of the Dead comic book series) is a window into the demented, convoluted and brilliant mind of Gama Bomb, where zombies swill beer, thrashers reign and hammers are slammed by the thousand.
Vocalist Philly Byrne states “We wanted something hot and bright, that would catch the eye, something actually inked and pencilled and coloured by an artist, not tossed together on photoshop like so much crap these days. A bit of real art. Except with severed heads.” These battle-hardened desperadoes are now preparing a full-on thrash attack in 2008 with the ultimate weapon – ‘Citizen Brain’ – and sending out an automated message of blood-soaked hope to survivors: boils and ghouls, Gama Bomb are coming for you..

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Formed in 2010, Neckbreak Nation realized that they had only two years left to go public with their songs since the world is fucked in 2012. Making music and having fun is the only thing that really matters to them and it shows in their energetic music as well as in their onstage and offstage appearance. The first EP has been released and while we speak the new songs are being forged for a new killer full length album! So keep an eye out for this band and they’ll keep you posted on what’s new…

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