DESASTER’s history goes back to the year 1988 with two young Metal-possessed maniacs’ desire to follow the path of bands like VENOM, HELLHAMMER or DESTRUCTION (whose song “Total Desaster” gave the band its name) – to play some fucking Black Metal without compromises was their aim. Early DESASTER recorded some (never released) rehearsal tapes and played a well remembered live gig in ’89 which marked the official beginning of the band. Between 1990 and 1992 DESASTER had to manage serious line-up problems before

Infernal, the only remaining member of the original line-up, found the right warriors to continue. Okkulto and Odin joined the pack back then in 1992. Two demos followed: “The Fog of Avalon” (1993) and “Lost in the Ages” (1994). The first release on Merciless Records was a split 7″ with UNGOD in 1995, a single limited to 1,000 copies which is certainly completely sold out by now. In 1996 the debut album “A Touch of Medieval Darkness” was released and the band got a great response from all over the world. On DESASTER’s following output, the “Stormbringer” mini album (1997), the new beast on the drums, Tormentor, can be heard for the first time. The limited “Ride on for Revenge” picture-single (1998) became again a jewel for every fan of the good old vinyl and is, of course, sold out by now. But one song of this 7″ called “Burning Crosses” found its way on to the “Thrashing Holocaust” compilation CD released by the American Necropolis Records in 1999.

“Hellfire’s Dominion”, the second album, was released in September 1998. A special killer on the album was the neck breaking Speed Metal hymn “Metalized Blood”, which included guest vocals of Wannes of PENTACLE, Lemmy of the old German Speed Metal kings VIOLENT FORCE, and Toto of LIVING DEATH, one of the band’s all time faves! During the recording sessions of the 2nd album DESASTER also recorded their contribution to a SODOM tribute CD called “Homage to the Gods”. The band celebrated its 10th anniversary in late 1999 with the double LP “Ten Years of Total DESASTER”, which included a collection of rare and unreleased material together with some new stuff. This double LP with gatefold cover and a huge booklet was again for vinyl hunters only and will never be released on CD! Another split EP, this time in the rare 10″ format and with the Dutch metal fighters of PENTACLE, was released on the German underground label Iron Pegasus in March 2000, after DESASTER had left their old label Merciless.

The 3rd full-length album “Tyrants of the Netherworld” was then released in 2000 on DESASTER’s new label. In the summer of 2001 DESASTER contributed the song “Darkness and Evil” with Gezol himself on guest vocals for a Brazilian SABBAT tribute LP. After the band had played several festival shows (e.g. Fuck The Commerce and Wacken Open Air) vocalist Okkulto decided to leave the band, but was soon replaced by the new shouter Sataniac, who used to be the main man in the German Black/Thrash band DIVINE GENOCIDE. The “Souls of Infernity” 7″ (released in October 2001) is the farewell release of old singer Okkulto.

On the 4th album “Divine Blasphemies” (2002) DESASTER’s deadly potion of sharp thrashing guitar riffs and pounding drums together with Sataniac’s brutal vocals conquered the world of unholy Metal Hell once again. A special highlight in 2003 was for sure the show in Sao Paulo, Brazil in front of 900 maniacs!! The Brazilian show was released as a double LP/CD and DVD on the Brazilian label Mutilation Records. After the band changed to METAL BLADE Records, DESASTER recorded the new album “Angelwhore” at the ToxoMusic Studios, Koblenz. Even more power and heaviness was added to the traditional Black Metal of DESASTER, which will break the necks of all real headbangers! The LP version will be released by Iron Pegasus Rec., and Mutilation will spread the unholy tunes over South America. DESASTER are ready for the next attack! So BEWARE, and … B A N G O R B E B A N G E D ! !

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