Hatred was founded in 1998. With a view to play oldschool Thrash-Metal merged with some Power-Metal-elements, today’s members Matthias Mauer (voice), Martin Köth (guitar), Frank Schmauser (guitar), Harald Schmitt (Bass) and Daniel Buld (drums) create moshpits all over the world.

After the success of their first Demo “Fractured” and the release of the full-length-album “Soulless”, Hatred got a record deal with the established German Metal-label “Twilight-Vertrieb”. In the course of that, the five Thrashers brought in a new baby called “Madhouse Symphonies”. Therupon can be found thirteen tracks of smashing loud Guitars, wild screams, and above all, lots of music to break some necks.

Hatreds biggest successes are gigs with the Thrash-titans Testament and Annihilator on the Earthshaker Metalfest in front of thousands of people, as well as slots on the Metalcamp-Festival in Slowenia two years in a row. Moreover the five guys shared the stage with Six Feet Under, Ektomorf, Destruction, Tankard and Sodom. In 2007 and 2008 the self-proclaimed fattest Boyband of whole Germany played two tours with their buddies Cripper and Lost World Order, destroyed the “Kaltenbach Open Air” in Austria and entered Ireland for a Minitour with Ground of Ruin, as soon as for a show on the biggest Metalfest of the Island – the “Day of Darkness”. In addition to Candlemass and Entombed, Hatred was one of the few outlandish bands that were booked for it. In 2009 they..ll play at the famous Dubai Desert Rock Festival and again at Metalcamp (for the first time at the main stage)

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